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YRA Description of Marks

Central & North Bay

Buoys of Olympic circle – AOC, BOC, COC, EOC, FOC, GOC, HOC, XOC – YRA Mark XOC has been designated the Bob Klein Memorial buoy by the YRA Board of directors. Maintenance of this buo will be funded by the Richmond Yacht Club Foundation.
A – Yellow sphere “A” Outer Buoy St. Francis Yacht Club
D – R “3” Fl G 4s 15 Ft on Olympic Circle
K – Temp YC Buoy 0.3 nm West of YRA04 in line with YRA 12
N – Daymark “2” Fl R on channel East of Sausalito
L – Temp YC Buoy 0.31 nm West of Windmill in line with YRA 04
X – Yellow/Blue sphere “X” Golden Gate Yacht Club
1 – Red Rock Island
2 – Alcatraz Island
3 – Farallons Light (ocean)
4 – Temp YC Buoy near Pt Knox
5 – Temp YC Buoy Approx. 0.6 nm SW of Alcatraz
6 – Yellow column “M” 200 yd North of Ft Mason Docks
7 – R “2” Fl 6s nm Northwest of Treasure Island
8 – R “4” Fl 4s Horn 1 nm East of Point Blunt
9 – Temp YC Buoy 0.5 nm ESE of West end Berkeley Pier ruins/1 nm ENE of YRA10
10 – Temp YC Buoy approx 0.6 nm WSW of West end Berkeley Pier ruins
11 – Temp YC Buoy 1.5 nm East of Treasure island
12 – G “1” Fl G4s, Little Harding Rock
13 – Crissy Field Buoy
14 – Southampton Shoals
15 – Approx. 0.5 nm East of Yellow Bluff (Sausalito vicinity)
16 – Yellow Sphere “C” 0.2 nm East of Ft Point - “Blackaller” – YRA Mark 16 has been designated the Thomas D. Blackaller Jr.Memorial Buoy by the YRA Board of Directors. Maintenance of this buoy will be funded by the Thomas D. Blackaller Jr. Fund.
17 – RG “HR” Fl (2+1) R6s Harding Rock
18 – RG “BR” Fl (2+1)G6s Bell, Blossom Rock
19 – R “8” Fl R2.5s approx 1.5nm E of Pt Bluff
21 – G “1” Fl G6s Approx. 0.65 nm NE of Alcatraz
23 – RW “A” Mo (A) East of Angel Island
24 – R “6” Fl R 4s Bell, 1.1 nm East of Quarry Pt
CM2 – R “2” Fl R 6s on outer end of Corte Madera Channel
NO – North Approach Buoy Fl Y 4s to San Francisco Channel (ocn)
SO – South Approach Buoy Fl Y 4s to San Francisco Channel (ocn)
NBAY – Temp YC Buoy approx 0.6 nm NE of Tiburon Clubhouse
NG7 – G “7” Fl G 2.5s Approx 0.45 nm SE of Red Rock
NR12 – R “12” Fl R4s Approx. 1.3 nm So of Rcmd-SR Bdge main chan
NR14 – R “14” Fl R4s Approx. 0.28 nm So of Rcmd-SR Bdge main chan
PB – Point Bonita RG Fl(2+1) R6s Bell (ocn)
SF – Center Channel Buoy RW “SF”, strobe Fl 2.5s whis, on San Francisco Channel (ocn)
TYC – Privately maintained White mark “TYC” off entrance to Paradise Cove Harbor

South Bay

AS1 – Yellow sphere approx. 0.25 nm East of BVYC
NAS2 – NAS Alameda Channel mark “R2” Fl R4s
SC1 – Red & Green “SC” Fl G(2+1) approx. 1 nm ENE of Mission Rock Term
W1 – Temp YC buoy approx. 1 nm East of Army St Terminal
XS1 – Temp YC buoy approx. halfway between 31 & AS1
31 – Temp YC buoy approx. 1.2 nm SE of Mission Rock Terminal
32 – Fl Y 4s “A” Approx 2.5 nm East of Army St Terminal
33 – FL R 4s Red “4” , Oakland Inner Harbor Entrance Channel
34 – Fl R 2s Red “2” Approx 0.5 nm East of Portrero Point
35 – Green daymark “3”, Fl G2.5s, Alameda NAS Entrance Channel
36 – Red daymark “4”, Fl R4s, Alameda NAS Entrance Channel
37 – G “5” Fl G4s, approx. 1 nm SSE of Army St. Terminal